Khasta kachori

I got inspired to make this after eating somthing similar as streetfood in waterloo. Warning you will not be able to just eat one! You can add other things as toppings such as pomegrate, corriander, chillies. I made this today and there was non left and lots of smiling faces. Continue reading “Khasta kachori”

Batata Vara

I had some friends around for dinner the other week and I made these for starters. I promised to put the reciepe on here for my friends as they loved them so much. This is my mums reciepe for batata vara, its a great snack dish and can be servered any time of the day with chutney, ketchup or chilli sauce. Feel free to add other ingriedients into the potato mixture to experiement let me know what you come up with.. ENJOY…. ūüôā Continue reading “Batata Vara”

Potato Skins

These are my quick and easy recipe for potato skins. Its so easy that even if you can only cook a pot noodle you will be able to make this. Feel free to experiment with the potato mixture, add different vegetables and make it your own. Continue reading “Potato Skins”

Flattened rice and potatoes

This is a gluten free , vegan and super comforting dish¬†that is ideal for a simple and savory weekend breakfast or as a yummy snack. The Gujarati name for this dish is Bateta Poha, poha is easy to digest, rich in iron and provides you with a full feeling far longer than a stick of celery would! If you do not want to have double carbs you can make this without the potatoes, Give it a go and I assure you it will change your breakfast forever! Continue reading “Flattened rice and potatoes”

Mooli Paratha

This is a punjabi dish that is great for breakfast sets you up for the day.¬†Mooli is the Hindi name of white radish. If you do not have mooli then use carrots instead. I use both in my dish, as i like the contrast of sweet and pungent mixed together! Mooli is a¬†root vegetable that is packed full of fibre, antioxidants, Vitamin A, C, K and iron. For my gluten free followers I also made it with chickpea flour little bit more tricky to cook but very yummy! Continue reading “Mooli Paratha”

Paneer Spring Rolls

This is a super quick spring rolls recipe, this reminds me of christmas where there is always paneer spring rolls one of the festive days, usually for a mid night feast. If you are not a fan of Panner you can fill with something else as long as it does not have a high water content. Continue reading “Paneer Spring Rolls”

Black Eyed Beans Pokora

I have had these yummy pokora for many years, they make a great starter. They will last a few days without refrigeration so I tend to make these whenever I am traveling with family. They taste extra yummy when you are hungry and tierd at an airport waiting for your connecting flights. They have a similar consistency to falafel so you can stuff them into nan bread with salad and sauce, you can also make a tomato curry and drop them in they soak up all the flavour. I am sure there are many more uses for these pokoras let me know what inventions you make. Continue reading “Black Eyed Beans Pokora”

Spinach Dokla

This is a new recipe my amazing mother showed me this weekend. She was in town so we did a massive cook out. Dokla is a Gujarati dish it is healthy and packed full of iron, amazing any time of the day breakfast, lunch, dinner or a sneaky supper.¬† Continue reading “Spinach Dokla”

Hot cold salad

I joined a gym today, in celebration I thought I would make salad which is super tasty. When I talk to friends about salad I see their eyes glaze over as they start thinking about food with taste! People seem to have negative connotations to salad and I am not sure why! This is my hot cold salad recipe, healthy, filling and most of all yummy.¬† Continue reading “Hot cold salad”