Nutella Bread

My cousin Reena is getting married this weekend. Weddings for me are quality time with fun, family and food. I have had the most amazing few weeks with family and stuffing my face with yummy food! This recipe comes all the way from down under… Australia! It’s a combination recipe from my Aunty Pramila and my sister in-law Ushma. Reena congratulations on your wedding and thank you for sharing and making this for us!
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Its Shrove Tuesday today, also known as pancake day! Its the day before lent and traditionally I was your super rich meal before fasting for 40days. My cousin Dilesh from Perth Australia is an awesome cook. Dilesh makes these bad boy pancakes every Friday! I do not think he fasts for the rest of the week though! Thank you Masterchef Dilesh for sharing this recipe. Happy Pancake Day everyone and for those who will be fasting for lent, good luck!

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Potato Skins

These are my quick and easy recipe for potato skins. Its so easy that even if you can only cook a pot noodle you will be able to make this. Feel free to experiment with the potato mixture, add different vegetables and make it your own. Continue reading “Potato Skins”

Vegetarian Burgers

This is a simple non nonsense burger recipe, My mother used to make these at least once a week to feed hungry mouths after she had done a 16 hour shift at work. There is something quite satisfying in building your own burger at the dining table. I tend to chop up all the salads so people can make their own burger and the table and give a prize for the most inventive. Continue reading “Vegetarian Burgers”

Hot cold salad

I joined a gym today, in celebration I thought I would make salad which is super tasty. When I talk to friends about salad I see their eyes glaze over as they start thinking about food with taste! People seem to have negative connotations to salad and I am not sure why! This is my hot cold salad recipe, healthy, filling and most of all yummy.  Continue reading “Hot cold salad”