Batata Vara

I had some friends around for dinner the other week and I made these for starters. I promised to put the reciepe on here for my friends as they loved them so much. This is my mums reciepe for batata vara, its a great snack dish and can be servered any time of the day with chutney, ketchup or chilli sauce. Feel free to add other ingriedients into the potato mixture to experiement let me know what you come up with.. ENJOY…. 🙂 Continue reading “Batata Vara”

Spinach Dokla

This is a new recipe my amazing mother showed me this weekend. She was in town so we did a massive cook out. Dokla is a Gujarati dish it is healthy and packed full of iron, amazing any time of the day breakfast, lunch, dinner or a sneaky supper.  Continue reading “Spinach Dokla”