Paneer Makhani

For all the paneer lovers out there. My first memory of having Paneer Makhani was about 20 years ago near Christmas time in Kaalash Manchester. Warning this is an addictive dish full of flavour, calories and should only be eaten on a cheat day!!!

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Indian Tea

There are many ready made packets of Indian tea out there, however there is nothing like a cup of freshly made India tea as the days get colder! Give this a go you will never make do with the ready made packets again.

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Chapati Curry

Most indians hate wasting food, this is one of them meals that is quick and easy. When you have left over wraps or chapati (indian flat bread) make this delicious dish. It

is an amazing meal for breakfast or supper, the ginger and spice make it very homely and warming, the wraps makes it filling.

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Kitchari. Rice, lentil, vegetables. super healthy & yummy.

This is a quick and easy recipe for busy folk that still want to each healthy tasty food. The translation of Kitchari is mixture. It is packed full of protein and easy to digest.

Its my go to food when I have little time but want to eat tasty food. It is really easy to make, relatively inexpensive

Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic dish that’s known to assist in detoxing the body. Kitchari provides awesome nutrients while cleansing the toxins out of the body. Kitchari is made with mung beans, Basmati rice, seasonal vegetables, ghee/ butter coconut oil (vegan) and spices. The mung beans are known for their ability to remove toxins, from the body. Mung beans are also a great source of protein and a rich source of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Kitchari is a traditional healing “porridge” that has been known to help people gain strength after an illness. Enjoy the recipe and feel free to comment and leave feedback.

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